How the Oysterr Nursery Established

Back in 2004 the nursery received financial backing from the local community fundraising and was then subsequently backed by the local High-Top Casino which gave the nursery its CCTV systems and covered building costs on the refurbishment of the site.

The high-top casino continues to be a fantastic supporter of the nursery as many of the staff have children of their own with us and everyone saw this as a unique opportunity to make the community more bonded and connected.

High-top casino has no other involvement with the Oysterr nursery, they purely funded the set up of the business and helped us to set up the infrastructure of the building to get the security of the highest standard into every room and around the outer perimeter of the site. They also helped to get the centre to be fully sanitized to meet the levels expected for a child’s day nursery.

The high-top casino has been part of our community since the 70s. They have worked with and sponsored many local events. We are proud to have them be part of the Oysterr history and fabric of the nursery.

High-top casino is not the largest casino in India, it provides players with roulette, poker and blackjack tables. It also has a selection of slot machines with a bar and restaurant service within. On Sundays, the casino will close and make way for bingo services. On occasions, the bingo will be part of a charitable event that will go into funding local needs and gives further support to the nursery with the funding of computers and mobile phones. When the nursery first started, the casino gave us their old equipment to work from whilst they were updating their systems at the same time.

“We saw an opportunity to really integrate with the community as a successful business that was in a position to help. The Oysterr Nursery is part of our community and this is vitally important to raise our future and to help my own children to develop into their maturing years.” – Javin Bains: CEO of High-Top Casino.

The nursery has also received further help from the local business, including that help provide free of charge goods for the nursery. This includes nappies, sanitization products, hand towels and cleaning equipment, air purifiers and cooking ingredients.

Every meal will begin with prayer, thanking God and will end with a thank to the didi for preparing the food offered and thanks to those that have contributed to the running of the Oysterr Nursery.

If you would like to help get in touch with our nursery to support or fund our service, then player contact us via post at the following address:

886 P sector 20



You can email us at [email protected]

You will also be able to contact us through this website and further information can be found within the leaflets we have at the High-top casino.

You can also donate any old toys, books, tables, cooking equipment, furniture, clothes and anything you see fit to help the children out our nursery.

Last modified: 30 March 2021