Oysterr Nursery: Looking After the Future of India

Oysterr Nursery is an infant care program, it’s a daycare centre, playschool, preschool and afterschool that has been set up to give children of all ages the best care, curriculum, skills, learning environment, assessment, food and guidance to help them mature into childhood.

Who We Are:

The Oysterr Nursery has been an institution for over twelve years now and is professionally managed by qualified care workers and teachers.

Our policies are as follows:

  • Ensuring a hygienic, congenial and healthy environment.
  • Providing a modern infrastructure with the newest facilities & equipment.
  • Providing an ideal surrounding and ambience suited for intellectual stimulation in children and productive recreation.
  • Working with local hospitals with doctors on call.
  • Continuous surveillance systems and monitoring.
  • High level security at all times and the latest safety measures in place.
  • Located for your convenience and ease of access.

Why Oysterr Nursery?

At Oysterr, we provide an unbeatable environment for children of all ages. We believe that the love and care given creates the right harmonious atmosphere for their development and this adds to the security of the children’s welfare.

  • Stable emotional climate: We ensure that all the children with us at Oysterr have a warm, caring and positive environment that is secure and sensitive to the needs of each individual child.
  • Absolute Hygiene: At Oysterr, children are subject to the highest quality of hygiene standards, with quality health regulations in place, sanitation in all rooms, tested equipment, toys and furniture.
  • Personal Attention: Registration at Oysterr is limited so that every child is able to receive the right and needed amount of attention that is needed in their development.
  • Safety and Security: The nursery has a custom-built surveillance system in place that provides continuous monitoring of every room during the hours of the open nursery.
  • Well-planned curriculum: Every child has immense potential and our age-appropriate program sets up the much-needed activities to help physical, cognitive, physical and interpersonal skills within the child.
  • Well-trained team: The teachers, carers, staff and the whole team are professionally trained and educated to help give the support your child would need in our friendly environment. Every member of staff is verified and medically checked.
  • Food and Nutrition: All meals at the Oysterr Nursery are high on nutrition and freshly cooked each day. Every meal is made with the consultation of a nutritionist for children of all ages.

Within the Nursery

  • 1:1 for infants
  • 1:3 for playschool
  • 1:5 for preschool
  • 1:8 for afterschool
  • Receive photos, videos.
  • Providing emergency alerts via text message.
  • View your children’s online portfolio.
  • Mark your child’s illness, time off or vacation using the Oysterr mobile application.

Our Curriculum

Teaching and learning are done through a holistic education program. Providing comprehensive and research-based studies within the curriculum that will help in the children’s development, creativity, confidence and their own critical thinking and life skills.

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Last modified: 4 March 2021